Create posters, coffee mugs using your iOS 6 panoramas

Zazzle has announced support for full-size iOS 6 panoramas. Now you can customize posters and coffee mugs with your favorite panorama photo.

It’s true, the panorama feature Apple included in iOS 6 isn’t anything new. Sure, it’s new to the camera app, but iOS users have been able to download and use plenty of apps from the App Store designed to take panoramas. But, not everyone goes looking for panorama apps.

What Apple did was introduce panorama photos to everyone who has an iPhone. Naturally we’re going to see an increase in shared panorama photos across social networks, including apps designed specifically to share panoramas.

Starting today, Zazzle is giving iOS 6 users another option to show off their beautiful panorama photos. You can now upload your favorite extra-wide picture to Zazzle and have it printed on a poster, a coffee mug or even a triptych (three-piece) canvas. Getting your photo to Zazzle is easy; if you’ve ever used the site to print custom shirts or mugs, you already know how to do it. If not, it’s still not hard.

    • To get started, you’ll need to visit this link. You’ll find two different-sized posters, along with a coffee mug and the canvas. Select your preferred item by clicking on it.
    • On the next page, you can personalize the item by adding your panorama photo under the “Personalize it” section.
  • Once you upload your photo, you can then customize it even further by adding text, moving it around, and placing it just how you’d like. Above is a preview of a photo I took in San Francisco last month. I was able to add the name of the city and the year, as well as change the color and font size with just a few clicks.

While printing panoramic photos is nothing new, Zazzle claims to be the first service to print them uncropped.

If you end up using Zazzle to put your panoramic photo on a coffee mug, poster, or canvas, leave a comment to let us know how it turned out.

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