Check Out Facebook and Foursquare’s Real-Time Voting Maps

Want a live look at voting patterns across the United States this Election Day? Facebook and Foursquare both have real-time maps of polling place check-ins across the country, broken down by state.

Facebook’s map runs on autopilot: Load it up, sit and watch, almost like an iTunes visualization. Blue dots show a polling place check-in, while a counter above tallies the total check-ins. The map can also be switched into an impressive full-screen view.

Facebook’s voting check-in data can also be broken down by state, showing peak voting times and age/gender breakdowns:

Over on Foursquare’s map, the premise is much the same: a live map shows check-ins by state, although it doesn’t run automatically the way Facebook’s map does. It is, however, embeddable:

Foursquare also has a special badge for Election Day. Anybody who checks in to a polling place Tuesday gets the “I Voted” 2012 edition badge:

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