Broadcom outs Jelly Bean-optimized budget SoC with dual-core ARM processor, HSPA+

Broadcom’s just added a new 3G SoC to its resume that promises a solid punch in performance without breaking the bank — while being optimized for Jelly Bean, too boot. Dubbed BCM21664T, the chip packs a 1.2GHz dual-core ARM Cortex A9 processor accompanied by VideoCore graphics to give it the oomph to run Android 4.2 and support 720p recording and 1080p playback. As for connectivity, the silicon comes loaded with WiFi, Bluetooth and HSPA+, which garners downstream speeds of 21.1Mbps and 5.8Mbps upstream. Support for GPS and even NFC have also been rolled into the SoC. Broadcom claims the hardware is the first of its kind aimed at entry-level smartphones, and if things go the firm’s way, the chip will make appearances in budget Android phones when it goes into volume production next year.

SOURCE: Broadcom

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