BlackBerry Z10 parts reportedly surface, include a 4.3-inch display

The pieces of the BlackBerry Z10 puzzle are slowly coming together — and today, that’s almost literally true. ETrade Supply has obtained what’s claimed to be the LCD, touchscreen digitizer and housings for RIM’s future flagship device. The more production-worthy components appear to fit together properly, and they hint at a mid-size smartphone with a 4.3-inch screen and a microSD card slot. The biggest surprise may be the SIM slot, whose position varies depending on the parts at hand: the incongruity could either reflect late-stage design tweaks or else variants for different networks. We’ll have to sit tight until January 30th to know what the individual elements represent when they’re part of a working device, but those who don’t mind seeing an upcoming phone in its rawest form can catch a video after the break.


SOURCE: ETrade Supply (1)(2)

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