AT&T Expands 4G LTE to seven more regions

AT&T continues to broaden its 4G LTE services, lighting up seven new markets.

The holiday season may be in full swing but that hasn’t stopped AT&T from keeping busy. The carrier announced today that it has expanded its 4G LTE data network to seven additional metropolitan areas.

Ma Bell’s most advanced cellular network now covers Reno, Nevada, Richmond; Virginia; Allentown-Bethlehem, Pennsylvania; Hattiesburg and Starkvillle, Mississippi; Moscow, Idaho; and Pullman, Washington. That’s not a bad days work. Still, while AT&T says it now blankets 3,000 cities with its fastest 4G offering which includes over 160 million people, its LTE network footprint pales to the breath and scope of that provided by arch-rival Verizon.

That said, in my experience when you can get an AT&T LTE signal, data throughput rates tend to be blisteringly quick, much faster on average than Verizon’s vaunted infrastructure. Of course that’s likely due to the sheer number of subscribers big red services. Once AT&T begins to attract the same volume of users all bets are off.
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