ASUS partners up with Leap Motion, PCs with 3D motion control to debut in 2013

Leap Motion’s been working hard to get its 3D gesture control technology in the hands of developers — 12,000 thus far — since it was first revealed back in May of 2012. Today marks a big step towards getting it into the hands of consumers, as the company has announced its first OEM partner, ASUS. The Taiwanese firm plans to put the technology into new high-end notebooks and premium All-in-One PCs packing Intel’s Haswell silicon.

As a quick refresher for those unfamiliar with Leap, its tech has a 150-degree field of view that tracks individual hands and all 10 fingers at 290 frames per second to provide ultra precise motion controls. This news got you itchin’ to ditch that old machine with its archaic touchpad or mouse interface in favor of a gesture-controlled ASUS? We can’t tell you how much they’ll cost, but ASUS promises the PC’s will be available around the world later this year.

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