As Sinofsky departs Microsoft, the wits flood Twitter

Once news began spreading that Microsoft’s Windows chief was heading for greener pastures, the wags weighed in.

Observers describe Steven Sinofsky as many things — brilliant, arrogant, abrasive, demanding — check out this terrific profile my  colleague Jay Greene did in October — but who would have thought the departing Windows boss would inspire such an outpouring of Twitter wit (Twit?). Within minutes of this evening’s surprise announcement that Sinofsky had left Microsoft immediately, the wisenheimers flooded the transom with their apercus. The following is just a sample:

Overheard (made up by me) … Sinofky was having an affair with Mrs. Petreaus …cc @adamnash and @owenthomas

For the record I have requested my epitaph read “he left to pursue other interests”

My understanding is that Sinofsky *also* refused to sign the apology letter for Apple’s Maps app.

What did  know about Broadwell and Petraeus in Benghazi, via Kelley? Just sayin…. 😉

>> @franksting: Must Microsoft follow Apple in EVERYTHING now?  

@rossrubin ME! ME!

@dsilverman “You idiot! You were supposed to can the head of the Microsoft stores, too!”

Google to hire Forstall and Sinovsky to head up new Buggy Code division

Once again, Mr. Sinofsky has established that no one but no one knows how to keep a secret like he does. Opsec FTW.

Man, Microsoft Copies EVERYTHING Apple Does.

Not even kidding: I bet Steven Sinofsky and Scott Forstall could do a great start-up together. They’d have disruptive covered.





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