Apple to start manufacturing the iPhone 5S early so they can iron out the kinks

Apple’s iPhone 5 is, without question, one of the most lusted after smartphones currently on the market. It’s the iPhone that finally shipped with a screen that’s larger than 3.5 inches diagonal, and it’s also the first iPhone with 4G LTE. One thing Apple didn’t count on was just how hard it would be to make their latest Jesus Phone. That “chamfered edge” has become a well documented nightmare. It’s so hard to make Foxconn’s CEO, Terry Gou, gave the media this statement a few days ago:

“It’s not easy to make the iPhones. We are falling short of meeting the huge demand.”

In order to make sure that the iPhone 5S doesn’t face the same problems as the iPhone 5,DigiTimes is reporting that Apple is going to make between 50,000 and 100,000 iPhone 5S units at some point in December in order to iron out all the manufacturing kinks. Volume production will start at some point in the first quarter of next year.

What does this have to do with Android? History shows that every other iPhone gets a new design, which means the iPhone 5S will look exactly like the iPhone 5. What can Apple possibly add to the iPhone 5S to make it “better” than the iPhone 5? An improved camera, a faster processor, but not much more. Samsung meanwhile, they move on a much faster release cycle. Each year we see a completely new Galaxy S. That means that the Galaxy S4, assuming it’s going to be called that, has a very high probability of blowing every 2013 smartphone out of the water.

Think about it, if HTC and Sony can make 1080p smartphones, don’t you think Samsung has something up their sleeves? And don’t even get us started about the ARM Cortex A15 in the Nexus 10 and the new Chromebook. Imagine that beast inside a device that slips into your pocket!

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