Apple launches new iPhone5 Ads

The new iPhone 5 ads released yesterday seem to be creating an oddly conflictual atmosphere.

The ads, to my eyes and ears, seem to be a rather smooth journey back to the future. Some of Apple’s recent ads have tended toward the dull. Can anyone remember even one exciting ad for the iPad?

At heart, they’ve never had to be that interesting, because the brand is so strong, so emotionally powerful, that the best ads have always been the products themselves.

Still, the new ads include some rather pleasant turns of humor. Not pleasant enough for some, however.

Apple is convinced that people like to use their phones one-handed and makes an ad that says so. For them, it seems a sad justification for changing very little and making it seem like a lot.

It’s probably true that Apple can’t go on making little incremental changes to a beautifully designed core for too much longer. (The excellent, funny new Samsung ad makes fine hay from some truths of the iPhone 5 and its flock.)

It’s surely true that the company has to find a new category of gadget in order to expand people’s imaginations.

But these little ads will serve merely to persuade not those millions who have already lined up and ordered, but those whose contracts might shortly be up, those who are coming into the market, and those who still look at the iPhone as something desirable — even though it’s been around for a while.

You can also see some other ads below from Apple.



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