Android 4.0 now on a quarter of all devices, Jelly Bean 3%

Android 4.0 — aka Ice Cream Sandwich — is now on a quarter of all Google-powered devices, according to stats from the Android Developers blog.

ICS runs on 25.8 percent of all Android phones and tablets, which is up from 23.7 percent the month before, and 20.9 percent in August.

But Android Jelly Bean — aka Android 4.1 — is wallowing down in the doldrums, on just 2.7 percent of all devices. That’s up from 1.8 percent the month before. But it’s still shockingly low, considering Google announced it more than three months ago.

Gingerbread — Android 2.3 — is still by far the most dominant version of Android. Which isn’t great news, considering it’s more than two years old. But it is on the wane. It accounts for 54.2 percent of devices, which is down from 55.8 percent last month and 57.5 percent the month before.

Android 4.2 is set to debut on the LG Nexus 4 on 13 November, and does look pretty awesome.

Android rollouts have been plagued by problems. Delivering a new version of the software is a complicated process involving lots of different parties, so there tend to be delays. You’d expect Google to prioritise devices made by itself and Motorola (which it owns), but this isn’t the case. I thought Google had sorted it all out with the launch of Jelly Bean, when it promised to streamline the update process, but again, no joy. Yesterday word came that the Google Nexus 7‘s jump to Jelly Bean has been delayed, with Asus blaming Google.

If Google can’t sort out its own products, what chance does anyone else stand?

Plenty of Android owners have complained about shelling out hundreds of pounds for the latest gadgets only to be denied new software. What do you think of the situation? And what can be done to remedy it? Let me know in the comments.

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