AmericanExpress Launches Its Apple Passbook Integration

The American Express Pass from AmEx is now live at their new site. The Pass lets card members get access to their running balance, recent activity, spending updates, purchases and customer service links right from a Passbook Pass.

American Express says that account holders visit their account summary page about 30M times a month, so that functionality alone is slick to have in a pass. Note that this is not a credit card, it’s more of a portal that lets you keep track of info about your AmEx account.

The AMEX Pass will also give cardholders access to exclusive events. At the upcoming Ryder Cup, card members can “show their American Express Pass to gain access to the Card member Club, as well as a free swing analysis and use of Course Cast handheld televisions that deliver updated player information and live coverage.”

In order to use the AMEX Pass, you’ll need to visit the site and give them your name, email, AMEX card number and CID to register and log in. You’ll have to do it from your device for the smoothest experience. Any valid AMEX card should be good to go.

I…don’t have an AMEX, so I can’t test the integration for you. But if you have one, feel free to weigh in on how it works in the comments below.
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