Amazon Warned That Its Video Service Infringes Patents

Warning: Amazon potentially infringes streaming media patents with its Instant Video service.

Amazon is infringing on patents related streaming and routing media with its Instant Video service, Single Touch Systems claims. The tech company announced that its attorneys have sent a ‘Letter of Notification’ to Amazon.

According to Single Touch Systems, its subsidiary Single Touch R&D owns a portfolio of 18 issued and additional pending patents related to mobile search, commerce, advertising and streaming media. The protected concepts at stake in its dispute with Amazon include U.S. Patent Nos. 7,054,949, 7,191,244, 7,689,706, and 8,015,307.

The company also seems prepared to take its complaint further. “Protecting our intellectual property is a top priority; we built our company on top of a strong and diverse Patent portfolio and we will not stand down to defend it,” warned Anthony Macaluso, Single Touch’s Chairman and Chief Innovation Officer.

While it is impossible to determine the merit of this claim at this stage, it will be interesting to watch Amazon’s reaction and to follow the case to see whether it will affect its Video services.

As you may know, Amazon Instant Video lets customers the ability to rent or purchase content from its film & TV catalogue, which boasts 120,000 titles, of which thousands are available to Prime subscribers at no additional cost.

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