Amazon AutoRip deal gives a free MP3 version of any CD purchase made since 1998

Amazon launched a new service that will start offering a free MP3 album of any CD you buy from them. Better still, you’ll get versions of any album you’ve purchased in the last 15 years. The service will link to over 50,000 albums (with more incoming) and you’ll be able to grab said digital copy before your new CD even arrives. You’ll be able to play tracks on any Cloud Player compatible devices, including the Kindle Fire, Android devices, iOS devices, Roku, Sonos and Samsung Smart TVS, as well as the web-based player. It’s already been activated and, better still, our previous music purchases are already on the Cloud Player ready to go — no confirmation needed. We did note however, that some of our more obscure albums didn’t transfer in full — in some cases only half the tracks made the transition.


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