Always On torture test giveaway: one iPhone 4S (bricked)

It’s just a little water damage–or a lot of water damage. But we think you’ll still want the iPhone 4S we washed in the washing machine. Anything can be fixed, right?

I hear a lot of geeks make jokes about “really pretty paperweights.” Even some Android fans have been known to refer to the iPhone that way, just for amusement. In this case, it’s … kind of true.

We put the iPhone 4S through the normal battery of tests back in seasons 1, and it was relatively tough, despite a nasty purple line on the screen after being dropped. But its unibody construction meant we could never dry it out enough to save it from a spin in the washing machine.

But I believe in miracles, and I’m sure someone, with a little tender loving care and possibly some money, can figure out how to get this thing fixed.


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