10 improvements for the iPad available in Apple iOS 6

iOS 6 comes on the new iPhone 5, but can also be installed for free on the Apple iPad. Check out 10 featured improvements in this iPad screenshot gallery

This new accessibility enhancement helps people with disabilities, such as autism, remain focused on content. It can also be used by parents to limit an iOS device to one app and restrict touch input to certain areas of the display. There are other features in Guided Access to help blind and low vision users too.

Other List of Improvements:

1. Notifications – Do Not Disturb feature
2. Improved Siri – wasn’t available for iPad in the last iteration.
3. Facetime over Cellular Data. I use Facetime scarcely and use Skype more, but definitely this improvement is welcome.
4. Email – almost close to the mail app of Windows 8. Still needs some more maturity, but it is getting there.
5. iCloud Tabs – like i mentioned.
6. Offline reading facility of Safari and its Sync.

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